Tips and Tricks – Sewing with Liberty Lawn

EDIT: The Competition is now closed. Thank you to every body who participated! Please feel free to continue to contribute your own tips and tricks to this article πŸ™‚

We are calling it – Liberty Tana Lawn is THE BEST fabric with which to create your beautiful quilts!

Over the years, quilters have turned to Liberty Tana Lawn not only for the diverse range of beautiful classic and seasonal Liberty prints, but also for the delicate softness and beautiful feel that the fabric lends to quilts in particular. It is lightweight and silken to touch – with beautiful hang and drape- and it is obedient, holding it’s shape well.

Liberty may be a little pricier than regular quilting cotton, but it is oh so worth it. Tana Lawn feels SO beautiful and delicate. And the Liberty prints simply shine on the fabric – almost as though the highly saturated colour shimmers on the surface. ANY thing that you create with such beautiful fabric is of course going to be stunning. Liberty is an investment – it’s important that we do our best to treat it with care and respect, to get the most out of our fabric and ensure the longevity of resulting quilt.

Often people ask me how to work with Liberty, or how I care for my Liberty quilts. I decided to put together a one stop post full of tips and tricks to make sure you get the best result possible when using your Liberty Tana Lawn…

Selecting which fabrics you are going to use is the funnest part, especially when working with Liberty!

Do I need to prewash Tana Lawn?
Nope! Tana lawn is pre-washed, so you do not need to worry about washing it before you work with it. It is also much easier to work with before it is washed again, which is an added bonus. Bearing this in mind, it is always a good idea to wash any linens or other fabrics that you are pairing with it before you start. All you really need to do with Liberty before you get stuck in is give it a good iron to ensure it is flat and wrinkle free!

Please do not be afraid to cut in to your Liberty stash! I understand, but if you are feeling a little trepidatious, perhaps choose a quilt design that calls for small amounts of different prints so that you can slowly get in to the process with smaller pieces- this way, in the unlikely event that you mess up, it isn’t so traumatic. But trust me, once you start working with it you will fall even more in LOVE – soon you will be making absolutely everything out of Liberty!!!

I am often taking my fabric straight from the bolt so I will generally tear my fabric to ensure I get a straight line. It then settles and falls in to shape. Otherwise, for smaller pieces, I use a rotary cutter and a large rectangle ruler for absolute perfection. If I need to fold a pattern to cut it, I always check that the fold is following the direction of the pattern.

When I am making a hexi quilt using directional fabrics I try to cut them all on a tilt. Having each fabric on a different angle means that it isn’t noticeable if they aren’t lining up perfectly – it takes a bit of pressure off and also brings a lot of movement to the quilt, which I love.

Don’t forget, if you need to save time or you can’t stand cutting out shapes, like hexagons or charm squares, you can pick up a whole lot of precuts and papers in The Strawberry Thief store.

Sewing with Tana Lawn
Tana Lawn has a very tight weave with fine threads, so whether you are using a machine or stitching by hand, it is always best to use a small needle so that you don’t damage the threads or leave any holes. When I am sewing on a machine I use a size 70 all purpose needle and for hand stitching I like to use a very small needle, around a size 10.  In order to avoid puckering, you should also make sure you are using a good quality, light weight cotton thread – Aurifil or DMC cotton threads are great.

I do know that some people like to spray Liberty with a starch to make it easier to cut and sew with – personally I don’t, and I have never had a problem using it.

I have had great success with machine quilting and also hand quilting my Liberty. Personally I like to use a thick DMC cotton when hand quilting – this is mostly for the aesthetic because I think that it ties everything together nicely. If I send my quilt to be machine quilted on a long arm machine I always ask them to enlarge the pattern so that there is around a 2″ space between each line of quilting – I prefer this to a small and tight pattern of stitching which I find can make quilts quite stiff. The bigger pattern allows the quilt to remain quite soft and floppy which I think enhances the delicate and soft nature of Liberty Tana Lawn.

My favourite batting to use is Quilt Lite Batting. Of course, you need to take in to consideration the climate you live in and your own preference, but even in colder places I think I would still use quilt lite – I would prefer to layer lots of soft floppy quilts than use one thick, heavy one… It might be personal preference, but I love being surrounded by and using my quilts, so I can’t think of anything better than having a few on my bed at once!

Something else to consider when quilting with Liberty is that due to the delicate, almost sheer nature of tana lawn, putting a certain colour of batting behind the fabric can completely change the feel of the quilt. For instance, if you use a cream or a natural batting behind Liberty, like Quilt Lite, it will give it a vintage hue that softens the colours and ties all of the different prints together. On the other hand, if you use a really bright, bleached white batting it really lifts and brightens the colours by shining through the print. Quilt lite doesn’t come in a bright white, so if I am looking for that colour pop that comes from the the whiter batting I just make sure to select another brand that is 100% cotton.

See the difference between the white batting underneath this quilt on the left hand side, and the cream batting on the right hand side? Normally I prefer the soft, vintage appearance that quilt lite gives to my quilts, particularly my hexi quilts, but in my Love Liberty quilt, picking a bright white batting lifted the colours and strengthened the overall appearance of the quilt. 

Using and Maintaining your Liberty Quilt
I am of the opinion that quilts should be used and enjoyed, not tucked away in a cupboard for years and forgotten about. I have piles of quilts around my home that are easy to access and use at any point by all members of my family and guests. I don’t treat them any differently to my other blankets – they go in the wash with my clothes and come out perfectly clean and ready to go again.

My best advice for ensuring the longevity of a quilt is to make sure that you don’t keep it in direct sunlight – for instance, if it’s on your bed and you get strong morning sun you will probably want to close your curtains in the morning. Prolonged exposure to the sun will definitely bleach it.

Happy Sewing!

The Strawberry Thief Not-so-Tricky Liberty Giveaway

What is your number one Liberty tip or trick? Do you have any advice that you think will come in handy for your fellow stichers? We would love to hear it in the comments below! Our favourite comment will receive a lovely little Liberty Inspiration Bundle – 10 x super sweet Liberty fat 1/16s and 2 x 3m Bias Binding packs – valued at $64.00!

This Giveaway is open until Monday 20th March 2017… Don’t forget to include your name and current email address with your comment so that we can contact youβ™₯  Good Luck! Invite your friends to participate too – we really want to get a conversation going with all of our fellow Liberty Lovers!

EDIT: The Competition is now closed. Thank you to every body who participated! Please feel free to continue to contribute your own tips and tricks to this article πŸ™‚

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β™₯  Robyn

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  1. Lisa Burger i.e.Lisacrafty

    What a sweet giveaway, especially the bias binding? My #1 tip/trick is when sewing with Liberty and linen, which pair so well together, is to use starch- as sometimes the linen will not flatten without it! Then your completed item looks fresh!? Xo

  2. Karen Bryan

    I use a shorter length stitch ie 2mm and have used 1.8mm too – depends on who i gift the quilt to and knowing how that person will look after it and how often they use it.

  3. Carrie

    I have not sewn with Liberty yet — I have some, but I am a little afraid and really want to feel like I am able to take my time when I finally dive in. So my best tip (mostly directed at myself) would be go for it! If you mess up, it is a great excuse to buy more!

  4. Lindsay Vidler

    Thank you for this post – lots of great points to keep in mind. I agree with not being trepidatious (new favourite word!) – if you love it as a piece of fabric you will love it even more as a quilt (or garment!) so just go for it. You can always buy more fabric πŸ˜‰

  5. Jess Munro

    I sew beautiful girls and baby clothes with Liberty fabric. It’s so soft and timeless. Everyone loves a bit of Liberty! When sewing button holes into Liberty I use a stabiliser like a vliesofix. It keeps the fabric from puckering and ensures longevity.

  6. Jodie Rhodes

    The sharpest thinnest needle when hand piecing! Though, sorry Robyn, I have to disagree about tearing the fabric! I find it frays too much so I much prefer to cut with super sharp scissors! And finally, a super good press when finished, don’t move the iron back & forth, just press! ❀

  7. Joelene Colliton

    Thanks for the blog tips and hints – what a wonderful giveaway……I too am in love with Liberty bias tape! I don’t quilt with my Liberty, but use it in beautiful handmade heirloom cloth dolls – my number 1 tip is never throw away your offcuts – there is always something pretty you can make with even the tiniest of scraps……..self covered buttons, hair bows, tiny bunting for a dolls house or to decorate a birthday cake or card, fabric machet over Christmas baubles………Liberty should never be wasted!

  8. Leanne

    I don’t have a tip or trick unfortunately . I am in the too scared to cut into my stash of Liberty basket. But i think i may be able to start now that I can use smaller pieces….I am doing a postage stamp quilt and I want to make one in Liberty! Thank you for that tip

  9. Glenys O'Shea

    I have been sewing a Liberty hexagon quilt and have used a fusible backing before cutting out my hexies. It works very well for me.

  10. Bree

    My suggestion is a common one when sewing any fabric but especially treasured fabrics- “check twice, cut once!” There is nothing worse than making a mistake on something that you value. (Ask me how I know).

  11. Esther

    Hi, my top tip for sewing with Liberty is to use clover clips instead of pins. Pins can leave holes or damage the weave. If you wouldn’t use a thick needle to sew don’t use a thick pin to pin. Clips all the way ??.

  12. Heather

    Thank you so much for the post! I just purchased my first stash of Liberty and your tips make me much more comfortable with the thought of cutting into it! The fabrics feel so delicate and fragile & it’s nice to know they are made to be used and loved!

    What a beautiful giveaway!! Those prints are right up my alley!!

  13. Fiona Smith

    My tip is when hand sewing use the finest needle you can thread and thread the needle straight from the reel, then cut the length. The grain of the thread will be in the direction the thread is travelling. This minimises the thread knotting and it will draw through the fabric smoothly.

  14. Munaiba

    Lovely giveaway. I’m still trying to decide on a quilt pattern for my Liberty. I want one with least amount of wastage. πŸ™‚

  15. Christine Tutty

    Liberty Fabric is my very favorite fabric. I just love it so much. I am making a Liberty Fabric dress at the moment for a favorite child.

    I try to use every scrap as it is so special. I hate throwing any away ever.

  16. Elizabeth Johnson

    This is a lovely giveaway! You made me love liberty fabric! My tip is to hoard little lovely squares until you get enough to make a quilt. I am still working on this part. I do recommend that you clearly mark your bag with a warning of being eaten if opened. That way no on will try to make Barbie clothes out of your treasures! Yes, they make beautiful Barbie clothes but I am saving them for selfish me. I still have that bag you sold me years ago and add bit here and there. I will never win because lets face it I only have one tip buy your liberty from The Strawberry Thief!

  17. Rosamond Blakeney

    I love the way that no matter what colour way of Liberty you use they all blend into each other. I am making an EPP flower/hexie quilt and have some vintage Liberty that still blends with my newer purchases.. loving it! my hint is to just use what you have and enjoy them… they will all look amazing!

  18. Susan

    Such a beautiful bundle. I am a saver and refolder and admirer of my Liberty. I like to pet it and fold it in different ways. Maybe pair it with some solids, rearranging and combining the prints. I haven’t actually cut or sewed any of my Liberty but it always looks so perfectly paired with hand quilting. #hopeless #mypretties #libertywasted

  19. Maria Doyle-Mediaro

    My number one thing with Liberty is save every itty bitty scrap. Because of the tight weave they don’t age, I’ve pieces from many years ago that I mix with more recent collections and it makes for a wonderful mixture!

    P.s. brilliant giveaway!

  20. Nina Bate

    What a beautiful collection of Liberty lawns! I’ve always loved Liberty, both for the look and the way they handle, but my most enduring memory is of my Mum in a Liberty dress. She would have turned 100 last birthday, and wore her dress into her 90s.

  21. Chris Jenkin

    What a beautiful bundle of Liberty’s to add to my very new stash/collection of Liberty fabrics.

  22. Jean Lynton

    I have sewn with Liberty fabric for many years and always am happy with the result.
    I find if you are EPP, my tip would be to use the finest thread and always the finest needle
    so that your stitches are invisible.
    To stop the thread twisting it is a good idea to run it over some beeswax . This makes all the
    difference to your handsewing experience.

  23. Kay Mallet

    I got my love of liberty through charm blocks and made my fist quilt out of these in 1989 for my daughter i am now making a hexagon quilt for my grandaughter which i take with me on holidays and have a photo sewing this with the view in the background, i am going to print these on fabric and use on the backing for lots of memories of her Ga Ga

  24. Lucy ~ Charm About You

    Liberty is the best! I like using the Aurifil 80wt or 50wt for hand piecing Liberty and always a size 10 needle as you say πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Melody Srygley

    I always test on scraps first, to check stitch length and quality, thread colour, etc. I use a French seam, and sew SLOWLY! And I ENJOY the process. Liberty Love!

  26. Chris kohli

    I so wish I had an amazing tip, other than take your stash out stroke it, tell it you love it, rearrange it and plan what to do with it. Winning this little bundle would make my 60th the best birthday ???

  27. Lynne

    Never be worried about putting fabrics next to each other that do not go as chances are it will have a tiny bit of the same colour in the piece that you put next to it. This is why you can mix old and new Liberty. Every piiece of Liberty talks to each other and is on the same wavelength. Even the brights and the muteds. The colours all live in harmony with each other. The other thing that I have noticed is that Liberty ages gracefully. By that I mean when she fades she fades beautifully and the look of the fabric/pattern is never spoiled

  28. Anna Cassie

    My top tip is that Liberty lawn is really strong fabric. Because it feels so soft and is expensive, many people worry that it might be delicate and need to be carefully looked after. Not so. I have a couple of children’s smocked dresses that are at least 45 years old, have been worn many many times by country girls who climbed trees and played in sandpits in their dresses and they still look like new. So use it and enjoy it!

  29. Tiffany Pobjoy

    I love to put a little bit of Liberty fabric into my scrappy, vintage looking quilts. They fit in so well.
    I have also made a quilt for my Mum’s 70th out of beautiful floral Libertys that friends have given me over the years.

  30. Leslie Drew

    I was first introduced to Liberty over 30 years ago when my husband and I lived in England. Believe it or not, I still have a few scraps left from that time. Just gorgeous fabrics! Loving the patterns, colors, and of course the finished products :). Sewing with Liberty is not hard, just take your time, enjoy the process and don’t be in a hurry. Working with Liberty always brings a smile to my face – it’s like a little gift to myself.

  31. Brigette Wootton

    I love using Liberty in cathedral window quilts because the flowers just pop on top of a white fabric and the “windows” frame the beautiful fabric.

  32. Debra

    I love this giveaway! Liberty fabric is wonderful to use for quilts. I recommended saving all the scraps and using them for projects. And if you must pin pieces together, pin in the seam allowance so there is no chance of poking a hole! I have loved Liberty prints since I received a dress made for me by my aunt. I was in junior high school. That was a long time ago!

  33. Faith Essenburg

    My very best advice for Liberty is to USE IT!! I have heard so many people who buy it and then are too afraid to actually cut into it and sew it. If I could sew with liberty as a pretty new sewer, then it’s not as hard as most think. Give it a try and I bet you will be hooked!! If not, just send me your Liberty and I’ll he happy to use it?
    My only other tip is to use a smaller size needle on your sewing machine.

  34. LINDA

    SWEET BUNDLE! I love Liberty and use it for appliques on my baby quilts for gifts! I could not manage these without the use of starch. This is my no.1 hint. Even the little beaks on birds are possible! Love your Blog+giveaway! Thank You for sharing!

  35. Elizabeth Beckett

    I love Liberty, I make bags with Liberty and as it is such a fine weave I use 2 layers of sf 101 on my bags to keep the fabric firm and then I use bag foam (soft &stable is my fave) instead of fusible fleece and it then gives you a more stable bag with the most beautiful Liberty fabrics without the bubbling and bumps that some fusible interfacing can give you.

  36. Allison

    My tip is to use your Liberty fabric – get it out, start cutting it up and use it! Savour it, fondle it and enjoy making something wonderful!!! Use a nice new sharp needle and rotary cutter and get going!!!

  37. Kathleen Clarke

    I have been working on my Liberty hexagon quilt for three and a half years, I would love to win some more fabric to complete the quilt.

  38. Tamara Harrison

    My tips are to keep even the most minuscule scrap because liberty + decoupage = blissful beauty. And use Hugh quality needles like clover gold or Hiroshima needles. Makes the biggest difference! The other trick I use is to whip stitch on the back (flat) my epp pieces then you se no thread at all from the front!

  39. Michele

    Great tips in your post. My tip for sewing with Liberty fabric is to save any and all little scraps because this fabric is so, so precious and lovely. All of those tiny pieces can be sewn together to make a treasured mug rug, pin cushion, mug cozy, whatever you can imagine to sew for someone special. Maybe even something just for you, because we can all agree, that we always are making special pieces for others, not often for ourselves! Personally, I’ve only sewn with tiny pieces of Liberty fabric that were gifted to me and I made a sewing machine cover that has a narrow strip of Liberty fabric pieces between white fabric… simple, gorgeous and I love it!!

  40. Martha Pouliot

    Lovely selection. I love the heart quilt. Perfect for a baby quilt.

  41. Amanda

    My liberty tip is to cut into it, use it, wear it, don’t hesitate!

  42. Kathryn Honey

    I am addicted to paper piecing and I am currently making a Liberty hexagon quilt. I am using a glue stick to secure my fabric to the papers, you only need a small amount and it works perfectly with Liberty. Because glue is being used, some quilters are concerned about removing the papers once your block has been completed. A little trick I use, is to spray starch on the back of your completed work, then gently press with a warm iron. The fabric lifts off the papers and you then simply wiggle the papers out. This method is good as it is gentle on your beautiful Liberty fabric and the edges don’t frey. A fine needle works like a dream. Happy Liberty paper piecing!

  43. Debbie Carraro

    Love Liberty fabrics for all my quilts. they are just so gorgeous and soft to work with. Easily manipulated especially for needle turn applique. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity to ad to my LiberTy stash

  44. Leti Peterson

    What a great giveaway! I love the way all the patterns complement each other & never really go out of fashion.

  45. Lyn Symons

    I am excited about starting my first Liberty hexagon quilt and am very impressed with some of the tips I’ve read. Spray starch on my shopping list!

  46. Lori

    What an awesome prize!!! My tips are to always measure twice and cut once & to be patient…any problems/mistakes make your project “unique” & you should be proud of it!!! πŸ™‚

  47. Michele

    I use Liberty for cotton accent pieces layered in a lot of my wool applique quilts and hangings. The lawn is so easy to starch applique and gives a lovely counterfoil against the weight of the wool.

  48. janequiltsslowly

    I love sewing with Liberty fabric and I adore every print! My tip is that a small amount of Liberty goes a long way. I especially love to pair it with linen or linen blend fabrics. There is something so perfect about the smooth and silky Liberty paired with the rough linen. It makes the almost 3-D appearance of the Liberty prints pop! I agreed with using a smaller needle and also slow stitching when you are using Liberty Tana Lawn fabric. ?

  49. Courtney Rose

    Thanks for the tips – love Liberty fabric!

  50. Pam

    Swoon! I love Liberty prints! Thanks for this awesome giveaway. My tip on Liberty is don’t waste the tiniest bit of this loveliness. I even save the dog ears from half square triangles. I assemble the scraps on a sheet of double sided fusable and make new collaged fabric that an be cut into shapes for art quilts. Tiny Liberty pieces make lovely hedges and floral fields.

  51. Gina

    Great giveaway!! When using acrylic templates on Liberty fabric they can slip and move. I like to add a piece of very fine sandpaper or non slip tape, such as those used on rulers, to the back of the template. I used to be scared to cut into my Liberty, but then I started adding a little bit into my regular quilting cotton blocks. Now I’m making a whole Liberty quilt. Love Liberty!❀

  52. Jenny Duffield

    I’m handpiecing my first Liberty quilt for a daughter… it’s a lovely design called Peony Medallion…. it is such a joy to see each block take shape…. my daughter is just going to wait awhile so I can enjoy the pleasure of making it.

  53. Michelle Size

    I have some Liberty charm squares that I bought in the Liberty shop in London and have many plans on using them. They are colour co-ordinated and I have since bought some larger pieces from here to pair with them. My tip would be to be brave with colour and use the colour wheel to pair unlikely prints that will really pop rather than be tied to pre-ordained groupings.

  54. Piroska

    I just love the gorgeous fabrics! The colours! I’ve never sewn with Liberty yet, but have a few projects in mind!

  55. Jenny Dickman

    What a greatgvaway, I’ve never sewn with Liberty as I’ve never been able to afford it but I’m going to start saving NOw

  56. Julie

    Just beautiful. Some helpful tips too.

    My tips that I’ve learnt: measure twice cut once, so you don’t waste precious pieces, always use a new sharp needle, clean out under the feed dogs before starting to sew Liberty.

  57. Jana

    I love all these tips. I feel brace enough now to finally cut into my Liberty and start sewing.

  58. Genevieve

    I love the variety of prints, patterns and colours that Liberty provides. And I love the history of all the great artists whose work has been used in the fabrics. My tip is to push the boundaries of what you think goes together and enjoy the process of mixing Liberty fabrics and mixing them with other quilting cottons. So many beautiful combinations can be made. βœ‚

  59. Beate Teale

    deliciousness galore. my tip is to focus when sewing with Liberty. The fabrics are so beautiful one could sit and stare at them for hours, with nary a stitch in sight.

  60. Carol Johnson

    Take a deep breath measure twice and cut once and don’t waste an inch a Liberty scrap quilt is the ultimate in amazing.

  61. Carol Johnson

    Measure twice and cut once don’t waste an inch of fabric a liberty scrap quilt is the ultimate in amazing.

  62. Paula

    My main tip is to USE your Liberty lawn. If it’s sitting in your stash you can admire it, but make a quilt out of it and you can still admire it while wrapping yourself in it, snuggling up with it, really enjoying it. And hoard your scraps because even the smallest pieces can be used for applique of EPP (1/4 inch hexies are so much easier to make with Liberty than any other fabric because it’s so fine).

  63. Alison

    My tip is use Liberty as quilt backing. It is wide enough for a lap or throw size and is so luxurious to curl up under! I also suggest pairing Liberty with chambray. I love how Liberty colors pop against it.

  64. Robin

    Have filed your great tips for reference. I visited Liberty of London five years ago and was so overawed by the beauty of the fabrics that I began collecting pieces. I now have nearly enough for a quilt. I regularly open my box of Liberty pieces and just admire and handle them. What better way to brighten my day.

  65. L Sanchez

    Great article! My tip is start out with scrap packs if you’re uncertain to save money! Once you get confident you can then invest in larger pieces. Starting out small and for a fraction of the cost makes it more viable for a lot of small businesses out there. πŸ™‚

  66. Deanne

    One piece of Liberty fabric is never enough.

  67. Caroline

    My only tip is to beware…you may never want to sew with anything else but Liberty!

    1. Carole

      So true! I buy odd pieces on EBay ..used…offcuts and such which are perfect for hexagons and tiny projects. I use Bottomline superior threads…v fine polyester…to hand sew…from Barnyarns. Looking at my collated collection (stash is for ordinary fabrics!), I reckon I shall need to live T least another 30 years…etc. Am 72 now so it’s quite a challenge! Should have started earlier, I know!

  68. Hayley

    No tips of my own other than to use it!!! And then buy more! Thanks for the great tips you shared. Especially the one about the batting. What a difference!!

  69. Amanda

    I recommend a very fine needle – and also to regularly start a fresh needle when using tana lawn. It just minimises puckering and makes everything run smoothly. I use a short stitch length for durability, but sew slowly! When working with very small pieces, I find a little starch can make handling easier, but it isn’t usually necessary for bigger pieces. Most importantly, enjoy using the most beautiful fabric around!

  70. Caren

    I have not yet had a chance to try working with these lovely lovely fabrics. I came across your site recently and am enjoying the eye candy. Some day I’ll be able to try a project. . .

  71. Brianna

    My tip would be to use sharp, fine pins when pinning Liberty (such as silk pins) to reduce the size of the hole made and help reduce movement.

  72. Alice Cooksey

    Growing up in ththe U.K my mum worked in the Liberty of London scarf hall – she had one scarf that I inherited some years ago when I moved to Australia and all of a sudden it started to get extremely crinkly! You’re going to think I’m crazy, but ironing just didn’t quite cut it for me – so I pulled out the GHDs and voila! So now when I sew any little pieces of Liberty fabric, I use hair straighteners and it works amazingly and my pattern pieces always stay exactly as I want them too and never fold up! It’s maybe even dangerous too but works for me ? *don’t try this at home?*

  73. Peggy Euser

    My tip would be to try the bias binding. It is so easy to work with and, needless to say, the color and pattern add so much to a simple project. I just made two sleeveless tops, one in a light weight chambray and the other in a natural linen, and added bias binding to the neckline and armholes so the Liberty binding would show on the right side. Both of these tops are winners and I’ll be wearing them all summer! I also made a third summer top with Liberty fabric and it has small tucks down the front. Self made bias binding finished off the neckline and armholes. I’m also using Liberty for my first EPP hexie quilt and have loved every minute of it, from coordinating the prints to sewing by hand. Liberty all day, all ways!

  74. Olwyn

    Enjoyed reading your story. My question is: should I always cut my diamond shaped paper piecing sections on the straight grain of the material or can I cut on the bias?

    1. Robyn Shaprio

      If you are doing EPP it really does not matter which way you cut it πŸ™‚

  75. Patricia Burkart-Blackman

    I am hand sewing 1″ hexies with liberty fabric using a glue stick, #11 milliner needles and bottom line thread, but with my first attempt at the hexie flower the center hexie is puckering. Any ideas why? Am I pulling too tight, too small stitches or not stretched properly on hexie card
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Patty bb

    PS, my stitches are completely invisible.

    1. Robyn Shaprio

      Hi Patricia πŸ™‚
      Without being able to see it, I would not be able to give you advice.
      Please send us an image via email, and I am sure I will be able to help you.
      Happy stitching

  76. Tialys

    I have just made a shirt for my husband using Liberty tana lawn and he says it feels so luxurious to wear, so soft and silky. I mostly have 1m cuts that I use for patchwork or other crafts but just happened to have a 3m length in the perfect fabric for a semi-formal shirt. I’m going to make one for myself next time. Glorious stuff!

  77. Kim

    I’m making a hexi quilt with scraps from over 60 printsβ€”do I need to worry about some shrinking more than others and dark prints bleeding onto lighter adjacent prints?

    1. Robyn Shaprio

      Are you using Liberty Tana Lawn?

  78. Gavaru

    Use a natural fiber batting for quilts. (Preferably wool.) The texture of the finished quilt will be similar to the fabric; soft and with more drape.

    1. Robyn Shaprio

      Yes! I absolutely agree!
      Only natural fibres for me πŸ™‚

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