The Strawberry Thief Liberty Giveaway!

EDIT >> This giveaway is now CLOSED! Thank you so much to every body who entered! We had such an inspiring response.

The winners are –

Fist Prize: @thimblesandneedles
Second Prize: @miffybeads
Third Prize: @lorena_in_syd

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for more amazing giveaways in the future!

To celebrate Robyns big adventure over in London, we are doing a massssssive Liberty GIVEAWAY!
With one huge first prize, and two equally exciting runner up prizes!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite Liberty Fabric!

But wait! There’s more!
We will be multiple opportunities to enter the draw, so give yourself the best shot possible by keeping your eyes peeled and following us on –
Instagram @the_strawberry_thief
Facebook /thestrawberrythief
-Pinterest @berrythief

This giveaway runs until we announce the winners on Monday 28th November 2016.

With a prize pool of $500 it would just be SILLY not enter!

Take a peak at the prizes below…

The lucky 1st prize winner will receive

1 x Liberty Florals fat 1/8 bundle
1 x Liberty Solids Rainbow fat 1/8 bundle
1 x Large Scrappy Boho Pack
1 x 1 inch laser cut Hexagon pack
1 x pack of Charm Squares
1 x 3m Loveday Bias Binding
1 x 6 pack 10mm Liberty Fabric Buttons

worth $278!

The runner up will receive:

1 x Liberty Florals fat 1/16 bundle
1 x Liberty Solids Rainbow fat 1/16 bundle
1 x Small Scrappy Boho Pack
1 x Pack of Liberty Charm Squares
1 x 6 pack 10mm Buttons

Worth $141!

The second runner up will receive:

1 x Liberty Florals fat 1/16 bundle
1 x Liberty Solids Rainbow fat 1/16 bundle
1 x 3m Milla Bias Binding
1 x 6 pack 10mm Buttons

worth $88!

WOW!   Don’t forget to head to our Facebook and Instagram page for more chances to enter the draw- Winners will be announced on Monday 28th November.

Good luck everybody!

x x x

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  1. Kathryn Brown

    I absolutely adore Liberty fabric. I could gaze at it all day long. My favourite Liberty fabric is Eloise. My daughter is also called Eloise so doubly special.

  2. Judy Mackley

    Mustard Capel may be my new favourite Liberty print, just nudging out green Betsy. lovely giveaway by The Strawberry Thief.

  3. Ali CB

    Absolutely gorgeous giveaway! Phoebe h is my pick!

  4. Anne Gunn

    Hi there, just love following you on Instagram. You always have lots of tempting treats to show and I can’t wait to visit your shop sometime. My favourite Liberties were from years back and were the Salt & Pepper range as well as Granny’s Apple, but some of those recent pinks and oranges are stunning. We are now up to the third generation of Liberty lovers in this family. I love sewing both clothes and patchwork projects using Liberty. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your competition. Kind regards, Anne

  5. Robynne

    How lovely! The prizes are very generous too. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  6. Anne Brodie

    My favourite is hard to choose but I love grand Bazaar silk road

  7. Cathy M

    Lilac has to be an all time favourite of mine – though to me it reminds me of the delicious sweet jasmine that grew over the swing at my parents house when I was young. It reminds me of tasting the nectar 🙂

  8. Tegan Pedrotti

    My favourite Liberty fabric is Gallymoggers Reynard’s whimsical Alice in Wonderland. I only have a small piece but am saving to use on something special.

  9. M Dawn LONNIE

    Strawberry Thief: florals, solids, pinks, purples, bunnies and birds, and elephants too.
    Sigh…. too hard to choose.

  10. Wendy McDonald

    All of the colour ways of ‘Betsy’ would have to be one of my favourite Liberty Fabrics – I think that I love all of the florals!!

  11. Michele

    Any and all Liberty fabric is special to me!!! I have a tiny collection (equal to 6 FQs) of Liberty of London fabrics in blues and would love to win any one of these prizes!!! Thanks for the chance

  12. Carla

    Which is my favourite? I have to choose just one? I have narrowed it down to Danjo, Capel and Tatum. Is that near enough? 🙂

  13. Emma Gerring

    Hyperventilating at the prospect of winning such delectables! 😉

  14. Lori Morton

    I have never seen Liberty in person..would LOOOVE to Win some!! Thank you for the chance!! 🙂

    I really like the “Eve A” from SEASON COLLECTION….so feminine & beautiful!! (Liked MANY more prints tho…Gorgeous fabrics!!)

  15. Fireside Quilter

    Liberty Florals is my absolute favourite!!! Crossing my fingers until the 28th!!! xx

  16. Katie Nygh

    There are just so many wonderful Liberty fabrics it is so hard to choose but my favourite one would have to be Betsy.

  17. Suzanne Maginnity

    My favorites are Wiltshire WB and mitsi m.

  18. Vicky Gibson

    Just one favourite? Phoebe or MArgaret Annie for me!

  19. Christine Dinsmore

    My favorite Liberty fabric is Land of Dreams, omg it’s so amazing!

  20. Karen Haugland

    Such a lovely giveaway! There are so many fabrics that I am fond of, but I must say I love the “Classics” overall, especially Thorpe!

  21. Mary Ann Hentschell

    Too hard to pick just one. I love all of them

  22. Amy Southerland

    Betsy is my favorite Liberty print.

  23. Dalith Hudson

    Hard to chose which is my favourite, but I love my Capels and adore Susana, oh and also…..

  24. Deanne Titler

    My favourite print boys is Queue for the zoo, girly favourite is Eloise.

  25. Julie

    Gosh how to choose just one. I am going to say Phoebe M for mine though.

  26. Lindsay

    So hard to choose! I think I’d have to say lilac is my favorite

  27. Veronika B

    I love the Phoebe florals! And also Wiltshire berry in red ? Such a great giveaway!!

  28. Wens

    I love the hard to find Maud! And the classic Strawberry thief ❤️??

  29. Dana

    I love all Liberty, but my very favourite is Phoebe H…although Wildflowers A is so gorgeous too! Thanks for the chance to win, any of the prizes would be so lovely to have!

  30. Clementine

    I love the classics – it’s a toss up between Ianthe and Caesar… but the florals are amazing too. I nearly named my daughter Liberty, partly because I love their prints so much. Now I’m adding you on Instagram and Pinterest as well as Facebook. Thanks for the competitions!

  31. Jeanne Sokolowski

    I live in the US, so Liberty fabric is not so easy to come by. I love the Theodora fabric. Old botanical prints have the mystery of the 19th century about them…so much mood! Would love to win this giveaway. I always love your Instagram shots!

  32. denise duff

    my favorite fabric is land of dreams love it its really awesome ..I would love to win this I can make some backpacks for the homeless

  33. Willa

    I’m a sucker for anything constellation and zodiac-related, so my favourite Liberty print is Kevin. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  34. Jessica Edwards

    What an amazing giveaway. My favourite would have to be Wiltshire S

  35. Helen Cooper

    To have any would be wonderful – they are all beautiful so thank you for the opportunity xx

  36. Linda Velik

    I love every betsy but betsy P has to be my all time favourite!

  37. Bel

    Queue for the Zoo in B colour is my absolute favourite! Thanks.

  38. Wens

    I love the hard to find Maud!! And the classic Strawberry thief!! ❤️??

  39. Liz Hicks

    Any Liberty Fabric is beautiful but Archive Liliac is my favourite.

  40. Ellen White

    I love the pink and white pattern one. It has a white background and pink swirly pattern on it. This would be perfect for my mum for christmas. She is into quilting to the next level. She is so talented and worked with unusual patterns and shapes of materials. These are the exact colours she uses always bright and colourful! I’m sure the material will go to good use and I might even be able to send in one of her finished products using your material!

  41. Tamara

    What a difficult choice to make. I am currently eyeing off Betsy P so that is a definite favourite. But along side that, at the moment, is also Felicite D and Banjo A. Love them!!

  42. Michelle Dressler

    They are beautiful fabrics – I LOVE the pink paisley – would love to make a kaleidoscope with that!

  43. Angela purrenhage

    I love the my ship print. Also Hera and Caesar.

  44. Joanne Breedon

    Liberty fabrics are the most unique and quality beyond all fabrics that one would love to work with. I have built up a collection of liberty to make the perfect queen size quilt for my bedroom. This would be such a privilege to win some liberty fabrics. Those cute little flowers and strawberries that they have in their design, who can match them ? Only Liberty ❤️️

  45. Pam

    I love it all, especially the Pops and Boo print! Thanks so much for all the eye candy, and for this awesome giveaway!

  46. jo wedgie

    anything floral, but i do have a soft spot for the william morris floral birds. what a lovely giveaway you’ve put together 🙂 i shall continue with my hexi liberty love.

  47. Angela Purrenhage

    I love the my ship tana lawn.

  48. Kelly B

    Love love love Liberty prints! Hard to pick just one, but Betsy is a perennial favorite!

  49. Joelene Colliton

    Love so many, but my current love is Wildflowers A – I can’t bring myself to cut into it just yet, it’s sitting on my sewing table so I can admire it every day!

  50. Gemma Pick

    I absolutely love Michelle A, the print and colours are just divine. I bought a fat quarter of it at the Perth Quilting fair from you guys and have just found the perfect project to use it in!

  51. Liz Ryan

    My favourite is Lodden but I like Clara and Thorpe a lot too. So many choices! Thank you for the chance to win.

  52. Sarah

    I love Mauvey and Wiltshire Berry, if I have to choose! 😉

  53. Melissa Koerner

    I love all the Liberty Fabrics! But my all-time fave would have to be the Floral Eve D. All those luscious colorful flowers on the soft white background, absolutely stunning!!!! 🙂 ❤️

  54. Kirsten Northfield

    My favourite Liberty print is Gemma which is my beautiful daughters name – thanks for the chance at such a lovely giveaway!

  55. Shannyn Caldwell

    So MANY FAVS but Grand Bazaar Silk Road is my fabby crush at the moment xx

  56. Rachael Doyle

    I don’t have any Liberty fabric so I don’t know any names. I love all the fabrics and would appreciate any gift.

  57. Ella

    Eben! Particularly Eben A. It is so vibrant.

  58. Natalie

    I just love everything about Liberty fabrics, especially Eloise! Thank you so much for the chance.

  59. Sarah

    I love the liberty florals! Hoping to win so I can make a quilt with them!

  60. Sandra Woods

    My favourite is any color of Strawberry Thief. I also like Betsy.

  61. Nicola Armstrong

    I love the simplicity of Capel

  62. Sash Hinton

    That’s such a hard question to answer! They’re all so pretty but I do love Wiltshire in all the different colours!

  63. Krista - Poppyprint

    This going veaway has my heart all a flutter. Wiltshire S has always been a fav.

  64. Kay

    Oh, my! I can’t choose one!! I love the classic collection Prince George D and Gemma A, but I can see a beautiful quilt in the making using the range of colours in Lodden too!!

  65. Jean Lynton

    In Love with The Strawberry Thief H pattern.
    Would love to win any prize……
    Love most of the classic range .
    Have worked with Liberty prints tana lawn for years and still have a 25 year old very faded dresden plate quilt which is everyones favourite.

  66. Jenny

    Near impossible to narrow it down to one choice…Wiltshire or Strawberry Thief for me! ? Both are so iconic.

  67. Donna Lee

    My favorites are Classic Collection, the Betsy fabrics, and Classic Revival, Field of Flowers, all of them!

  68. Cherie Lee

    In love with Ianthe B such a striking design and colour blend

  69. Leanne Erbs

    I dont have a favorite Liberty Fabric because I just love them all!

  70. Jenny

    Poppy’s Meadow 🙂 But really, too many to choose from.

  71. Dot Henderson

    How can one have just one favourite, love them all, just gorgy

  72. Kate Hanly

    I love Betsy it is my favourite ❤️

  73. Bree

    How to pick? I love them all but if pushed I’d say Phoebe. Thank you

  74. Dee Gordon

    Very hard to choose even TEN favourites! But I really do love Laure A!

  75. Natalie Yates

    Oh gosh can’t decide. But Yoshi in the Contemporary Classics is gorgeous. ??
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  76. Megan

    I love wild flowers…. it takes me straight to the country side!

  77. Amy Scott

    Please don’t make me decide! Impossible! Love them all.

  78. Lisa Burger

    This is incredibly generous! My all time fav has to be tresco… I did a lampshade in it after all! Can’t wait to one day make it to London!

  79. Ruth Wallace

    The Garden of Dreams line is my ‘favourite’ today ! Really depends on my mood and what I’m making! Amazingly generous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

  80. Dominique

    Hello 🙂 The more liberty I see the more favourites I have! But my very first favourite liberty fabric, the one I used to dream about buying when I was a student to poor to afford liberty (and before I new you could buy it smaller than a meter 😉 was Betsy J. Still makes my heart sing. I love your shop!

  81. Michelle Size

    My favourite Liberty fabric is Mauverina (which I have as a small hankie purchased in the Liberty Shop in London last May).

  82. Robyn Bennett

    My favourite is the first piece of Liberty fabric I ever owned. It’s called “Growing Fonder” and my daughter bought it for me when she was on a university exchange trip to France. She went to London for a weekend and made a special trip into the Liberty store just for me!

  83. Lisa Burger

    What a generous giveaway ❤️ My all time favorite has to be Tresco, I covered a lampshade with it, so I must love it! Xo

  84. Mandy Pitman

    I love Liberty fabrics too. I even have a Liberty Calendar 2016. Hopefully receive another one this Christmas 🙂
    I really like Phoebe but like all the Liberty florals, very difficult to choose a favourite.

  85. Judy Day

    I’ve always loved Liberty lawns for patchwork and clothes. My favourite at present is Alice in Wonderland on a yellow background

  86. Clare Kutschera

    Ever since I first saw the DMs in this fabric, I fell in love with the classic strawberry thief design.

  87. Sandy Norman

    Wow.. thanks for the opportunity to win. I can’t chose.. I love them all.

  88. Devon

    Love it all! My current favourite is Clare and Emily, especially C in its lovely yellows.

  89. Trudy Seca

    My heart skips a beat when I see Betsy, to me the quintessential Liberty print.

  90. Cecilia Pakron

    Betsy!! All colors. I love your site,love your fabrics. I’ve ordered several times!! Awesome there’s nothing like a Liberty quilt.

  91. Margaret R Blake

    Just love anything in purples, pinks and mauves.

  92. Susan Highfield

    I’m with all those who can’t choose a favourite, I love them all especially the old ones.

  93. Heidi Biller

    Its a tie between tbose in the Classic Revival and Garden of Dreams collections.

  94. Wendy

    What a lovely giveaway. I have sways loved Liberty, I bought one years ago covered in Wild Flowers, I think it was for the centennial celebration. But I do love all of them.

  95. Susan

    Love all liberty fabric, my crush at the moment would be fairy land.

  96. karran roberson

    It would be so nice to win any of this gorgeous liberty fabric. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. The only liberty fabric I own is a small piece of Thorpe. Hoping to purchase some more soon

  97. Pippa Clinch

    I don’t know it’s name, I have a photo of it!!! ❤️️ but I was given something in it as a gift for my daughter when I was pregnant and I haven’t been able to find it since. Very sentimental

  98. Leonie

    I love the strawberry thief fabric in all colour ways
    I love the William morris fabrics from liberty the modern fanrics are briĺliant.

  99. Caitlin

    My favourite Liberty is ‘Edenham’, especially the colourway with the navy background.

  100. Emma

    Wiltshire WB Tana Lawn! It was designed in the 1930’s and proves that everything old is new again! It’s so super cute, it’s only a matter of time until it WILL be mine

  101. Emma

    Wiltshire WB Tana Lawn! It was designed in the 1930’s and proves that everything old is new again! It’s so super cute, it’s only a matter of time until it WILL be mine

  102. Felicity Evans

    Too hard to decide but I just made some booties from Mitsi B which made me fall a little bit more in love with it – it has a beautiful Japanese feel to it.

  103. Jess Ramsay

    Liberty d’anjo in purple and aqua is my all time favourite!! And phoebe in pink is my close second. Just adore Liberty

  104. Sandra Fletcher

    I love the animal ones,ummmm i love it all

  105. Lotta

    My all time favourite is the classic, extravagant Ianthe.

  106. Roslyn Marlton

    I’m a floral tragic , love Liberty florals
    If pressed, I could narrow it down to florals with blues ??
    Never posted on a blog before!!
    Would probably do a lot of things for the first time to be in the running for one of these beautiful Liberty bundles !!

  107. Rebekah

    Betsy P became my favourite recently (knocking off another Betsy colourway), but I believe she’s here to stay! <3

  108. Jade Walton

    My favourite Liberty would have to be all the ones my mum brought back from
    Her travels for me 🙂 I was lucky to receive a 2015 swatch book?
    So hard to choose one amazing print when there is so many ?
    So I pick Lodden

  109. Linda Price

    I love to use Lodden as it fussy cuts so many different ways but love all of them, particularly the modern designs.

  110. Linda Price

    I love to use LODDEN as it fussy cuts in so many ways but they are all beautiful, particularly the newer ones.

  111. Valmae

    I love the classic poppies series but in truth I really love them all

  112. Thamara

    The Strawberry Thief of course! (Or Kate and Millie ;))

  113. Jan

    I’m still getting to know all the beautiful Liberty fabrics. I dont have a favorite yet. They are all gorgeous <3

  114. Kay

    I am a lover of Betsy, it was the first Liberty fabric I bought many years ago. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  115. Courtney Rose

    Wow what a generous giveaway! Very hard to pick a favourite as I love all of the Liberty fabrics, however I can’t go past the blue Kayoko.


    Liberty Art fabric is my passion. Favourites depend on the occassion but I have fallen in love with Jack and Charlie this year – the finest cord version for childrens clothes. And I have always adored Thorp with the navy background which doesn’t seem to be available at the moment.

  117. Elise Baek

    Betsy and Capel are both gorgeous and making me drool right now but gosh dang it, there are so many pretty ones I don’t even know the name of!! Still learning though and loving it!

  118. Betty Paton

    I searched the world once for “Cranford Bonnets” designed for Liberty by Graryson Perry.
    My latest adoration is for GRAND BAZZAR. Conjures up so many images of the Spice Trade.

  119. Jodie Rhodes

    Betsy is definitely my favourite! ❤️ I love how classic it is!

  120. Katie Olley

    Misti without a doubt. The green colourway is my absolute favourite!!

  121. Michelle W

    What a tough call! Like trying to choose which child is my favourite! Would have to say Loddon.

  122. Felicity White

    That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child. It just can’t be done!

  123. Candy C

    Love all the blue and aqua colours in Liberty and Gallymoggers in blue yellow and pink perfect for dolly’s dresses.

  124. Kerebsthecat

    How do I love Liberty Fabric, let me count the ways … Any of these prizes would be wonderful to win. Fingers and toes crossed.

  125. Paula Cullen Baumann

    Élodie Bea (A), although new, would be one of my real favourites. It’s so vibrant and fun. Thanks for the chance to win in this amazing giveaway

  126. Annie Marshall

    I love love love Liberty but I only have one in my stash so definitely need more. Impossible to pick a favourite as they are all gorgeous.

  127. Timian

    I love Betsy so much, one of the first liberty fabrics i bought!

    This is really an amazing prizepool, really.

  128. Timian schwicker

    I reallly like Betsy in most the colorways

    Amzing prizes btw, im hoping to be lucky!

  129. Sue Richards

    I love all of them, especially the ones with pretty little flowers. The feel of Liberty fabric is amazing,just wonderful to sew with.

  130. Tessa Baker

    I’m a massive fan of all of your beautiful range but I have a particular soft spot for those with animals on it, especially the Theo range. My collection is slowly growing, I purchase all my Liberty fabrics from here of course, I’m just waiting to find that special project!

  131. Megan

    I love wild flowers… it takes me to the country side.

  132. Ophelie

    I loooove liberty fabric! But never bought any because it’s so expensive I don’t want to waste it. For me it’s kind of “sacred”. Like the ultimate fabric! A dream fabric ? Choosing a favorite is hard but I would go for Wiltshire!

  133. Shely (Michele) Devaney

    My favourite Liberty print… very hard to choose.. but I would have to say Michelle D for obvious reasons.. LOL!

  134. Mary Pearse

    All I want for Christmas is Liberty

  135. Julie Kenny

    Liberty fabric is my favourite of all time x have a liberty frog and frame made from its florals x my favourite liberty fabric is sunflowers xx

  136. Tracey Nixson

    I really love archive lilac in red, it just looks so beautiful in that colour

  137. Penny Winter

    The Strawberry Thief range is my favourite, I made 2 summer dresses in the fabric in 1976. They got a lot of wear over that long hot summer here in Uk, but then not a lot for many years and were ‘lost’ in the mists of time. They would be vintage now I guess!

  138. Jenny Whineray

    there are so many beautiful patterns I find it hard to choose. Sewing with Liberty is not just sewing but a delight to the fingers and a feast to the eyes

  139. Lynne Sanders

    I love all Liberty Tana Lawn but actively try and collect lots of the seasonal lines. Great Giveaway 🙂

  140. Sarah Liddle

    Too many favourites to choose just one, but if pushed I think I would go with Capel (in every colour!!) Wonderful giveaway, thank you for the opportunity.

  141. Charlene

    My dream!!! ???
    How could you choose between them all? My heart skips when I see the liberty Eloise and… strawberry thief! Of course!!!

  142. Sue

    Love many of them, but just can’t go past Betsy.

  143. Fiona Hauke

    All of them!! Love wild flowers though 🙂

  144. Lisa

    I have a total crush on ‘childhood treasures’ at the moment!! I have to admit I do love them all though!!! ??

  145. Glenys O'Shea

    Beautiful fabric. Imagine working amongst it every day…swoon. My favourite is oldie but a goodie.

  146. Janice

    Betsy by far. Trying to collect them all has become a bit of an obsession.

  147. Louise King

    Lodden is my *current* favourite. It does tend to chop and change though depending on what I’m working on.

  148. Leah

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favourite is Oxford d

  149. Tessa Baker

    I’m a lover of ALL Liberty fabric, I find it so hard to choose every time I spoil myself and place n order (through this amazing business of course) but I do have a particular soft spot for anything with animals on it and absolutely love the Theo range. I’m slowly building up my collection and am still waiting to find that special project!

  150. Wendy

    Oh my goodness I have so many favourites, so hard to have to choose. Loden comes to mind but probably couldn’t go past Strawberry Thief.

  151. Anne Brodie

    Good luck everybody! What a lovely treat. My favourite grand bazaar silk road .

  152. Carol Walsh

    Any and all florals! Betsy are nice!!

  153. Anne Day

    ”This is such a tricky question as I love most of them and the answer varies depending on the day, but my current favourite is Margaret Annie which reminds me of the older more typical Prints Liberty is famous for. Of course, if you asked me tomorrow, you might get a different answer!

  154. vicki browning

    I love any Liberty Vintage but I lovvvvveeeee VINTAGE LIBERTY
    Pink Paisley. I still have my Mum’s Liberty Scarf she bought over 40 years ago. Still going strong xx

  155. isabel Kelly

    My favourite line is Betsy for sure! Last year I went to London as well and bought myself some melamine Betsy. A cup, plate and bowl. ( Of course there was a fabric purchase or two ) Everyday i can have a little bit of Liberty of London just for me. But to be honest… its pretty hard to not like them all !

  156. Jenni Hunt

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Phoebe is one of my very favorites.

  157. Karie Jewell

    Choosing just one is impossible!!!! I love Maddox D but anything teal makes my heart flutter!

  158. Jill

    I just loved the Alice in Wonderland collection, however I adore teaming up soft pretty florals with vintage linens for my projects

  159. Sophie Dawson

    I met Robyn in Sydney this year and I fell in love with Liberty fabrics (and Robyn is just lovely too). I am very partial to the florals ?? making a postage stamp quilt with my Liberty at the moment, it’s the only therapy I need!

  160. Thouraya Battye

    Such a hard one to pick…but I would have to go with Hello Kitty Liberty!

  161. Jean Kelley

    Queue for the Zoo is my latest favourite. Need a blouse in this fabric!

  162. Kay

    My absolute favourite Liberty print is Wiltshire, particularly in the pink colour way R I think , but really in any colours. I love the delicacy of the print, first designed in 1933. A classic!

  163. Cindy

    I don’t have a favourite. Thanks for a chance to win.

  164. Jacqui Talotta

    Lucy Daisy is mine. Not sure why but I can’t stop looking at it. Takes me into an imaginary English garden I think….

  165. Haven

    Gallymoggers Reynard
    What a silly fun line!

  166. Megan

    Always Betsy – in every Colour!

  167. Amanda

    My favorite print is Tresco, though I haven’t actually gotten any since I’ve only been able to get some scrap packs. I

  168. Elsa

    All Liberty fabric is my favorite! I especially like the quilting cotton but haven’t seen much lately. Thank you for a fab giveaway! Liberty forever!

  169. Linda W

    Liberty of London fabrics are so gorgeous. I really like Prince George. Thanks for the giveaway. Grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  170. Michelle

    I think I’d have to say Tresco A is my current fav. What an awesome giveaway competition you have going!

  171. Linda W

    I really love Prince George From Liberty of London. Thanks.

  172. Jill

    I love all the liberty prints. But I’m especially fond of the Alice in Wonderland line.

  173. Mary Hamilton

    Felix & Isabel is a favorite but really love them ALK

  174. Leanne

    What a wonderful competition…thank you for offering this gorgeous prize. I cant pick a particular pattern but I have such a soft spot for Liberty blues

  175. Rhonda Adkins

    I don’t have any Liberty fabrics but they look gorgeous and would love to have some to play with.

  176. Beth Newman

    Impossible to pick just one BUT if forced …Eliza! Please don’t make me choose just one color….LOL 🙂

  177. Noeline A

    Love them all which makes it hard yo choose. But if I had to pick something it would be the Liberty Jelly rolls. So many gorgeous colours rolled in a nice neat little package

  178. Noeline A

    So many lovely fabrics to choose from. If I had to choose I would pick the Liberty Jelly rolls. So many gorgeous fabrics rolled together

  179. janequiltsslowly

    My favorite is Betsy in all the different colors!

  180. Robin Taylor

    If I have to pick ONE….BETSY! Two…Felicite…..three…The Strawberry Thief!

  181. Jessica Rush

    I don’t know the name of the print! But the one with the blue airplanes, because my little guy LOVES it and begs me to make him things with it 🙂

  182. Robin

    Incredible giveaway! I also love Petal & Bud!

  183. Anne-Maree

    It’s a trick question, isn’t it?? Favourite Liberty material?? You must be crazy! an addict can’t just have one! But the strawberry thief in any colourway comes pretty close – arts and craft perfection ?

  184. NANCY K in NJ

    If pressed to choose, the dream-like quality of Margaret Annie E is almost hypnotic. That’s a trance I’d like to be in during some portion of my day!! But I confess…they all have that effect ❣

  185. Bonnie Larson

    Wow. i would love to win any of these prizes. I love Liberty lawn, and am constantly changing my mind as to which is my favourite. Thanks so much for sharing.

  186. Tracey

    I don’t have one specific favorite but any Liberty with blue and purple makes my heart sing!

  187. Elizabeth Anthony

    I can’t possible tell you which I like best, they are all so beautiful. I have never been able to see with them so……..

  188. Michele

    I’m feeling the love for Floral Filigree right now! ?

  189. Lydia

    My all-time favorite must be Betsy. And the next runner-up would be the strawberry thief which I do not have in my fabric stash at this time. I have a small bundle of Liberty fabrics would you mind saving to make a large quilt.

  190. Fiona

    My current favourite Libery is Tresco as it’s such a fresh graphic. But I could never pass the others as they play so nicely together! The more the merrier!

  191. Lisa Brown

    Betsy floral!! However, I Love them all!

  192. Nicola

    I love Sarah’s Secret Garden and Wiltshire Berries!My favourites are generally the classics.

  193. LINDA

    HI, Absolutely gorgeous giveaway! I think “Phoebe ” is my choice! Thanks for sharing!

  194. Delaine

    Pick one favorite? Hard to do. I would have to say it would be Purple Roses & Pink Hydrangea. Thanks!

  195. Gillian

    It’s the combinations I love… Wiltshire J is super pretty though… little berries, very festive!

  196. Terry

    I must say that Meadow is my favorite (at the moment)!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  197. Helen Wornall

    Gemma A is so colourful and bright but love them all!

  198. Amanda Sillcock

    This is like asking you to name your favourite child! But if I must pick one it would have to be that gorgeous William Morris classic, your namesake, Strawberry Thief!

  199. Linda Batz

    Cannot say I have a favorite I love all of them. All so soft fine and pretty. Thanks for the chance.

  200. Judy Hansford

    It is hard to choose between ‘Theodora’s’ Wildflowers and the snowdrops in ‘Hesketh’. Love them both.

  201. Lyn Warwick

    I love all of the liberty fabrics if I had to pick one it would be Margaret Annie

  202. Melissa Marco

    I can’t go past a Betsy print!

  203. Gayle hamment

    To hard to pick the best fabric I love they are all so lovely, the sprints I remember as my dresses when small also trimmed on my cloths today.

  204. Gayle hamment

    I would love to do a hexagon liberty quilt in reds ,white,black so these are tho ones I love today best.

  205. Chris Jackson

    Cannot pick a favourite love all liberty ?

  206. Carmy

    My favourite is definitely Small Painters Meadow!!

  207. Peta Stuart

    I love anything with a paisley pattern

  208. Faye Kelly

    Thank you for offering these wonderful giveaways, I love so many Liberty fabrics but what is catching my eye today is Poppy and Daisy N.

  209. Shirley J

    It has to be Ciara because this is my lovely daughters name.

  210. Deb Dewar

    It is like asking me to choose my favourite child; I cannot! They each sparkle when in their own rightful place, just like Liberty. I love them all, equally, in their own special way 🙂

  211. Carol Galloway

    I don’t know anything yet about Liberty fabrics except that they are beautiful. My mother quilts and I have the desire to learn this art and pass it along. I recently came across your page and fell in the love with the sheer beauty of the colors and patterns. I’m already a fan. ?

  212. Tanya Maher

    I simply love all the liberty fabrics! But, if I had to pick just one … Classic Danjo is beautiful! A great give away! Thank you.

  213. Mandy

    Hesketh is divine, but it is impossible to have a single favourite. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  214. Jo Deppeler

    My inspiration wall begins with blocks which will later be combined to construct a quilt for my granddaughter – the theme is flowers and liberty prints dominate. My favourites include Mauvey in any of the colour range and the pre-cut hexies which have been a such a time saver. I hope my granddaughter loves the colours and the softness of the tana lawn when she cuddles in her quilt.

  215. Meenu

    It is an absolute joy to work with Liberty fabrics! I was introduced to these gorgeous prints only this year… they will be a part of my life forever. Discovering Liberty fabrics has added positively to my quilting journey.

  216. Susan Andersen

    I absolutely love ALL the Liberty fabrics but sadly I have none in my stash. If I had to choose it would be Classic Collection Gemma B.
    What a fabulous giveaway!!!!

  217. Karen

    I love then all. Felix and Isabelle is especially stunning! Slowly collecting Liberty for a beautiful hexagon quilt. Thank you for the opportunity!

  218. Susan Williams

    I recently made Brigette Giblin’s quilt “Passiflora” with 1 metre of “Tresca A”tana lawn Liberty print purchased from you, it turned out beautifully, and I will be thrilled to use more Liberty prints in my quilt work.

  219. Carla Hibbard

    This is not a fair question- too many beautiful ones! I do adore the William Morris ones however

  220. Marina

    No doubt they are all gorgeous! Eloise or strawberry meadow are two of my top! ? Thanks for this giveaway!

  221. Marj Jones

    My favourite design is Capel. What fun it is to share the love of Liberty with your friends.

  222. Carol Johnson

    The new contemporary collection Tresco takes my breath away just like a wildflower meadow.

  223. Cathy C

    They are all so lovely. I like the Betsy A in the classic collection

  224. Sue Gale

    Love the art nouveau range but they are all so beautiful It’s hard to pick

  225. Kate

    I just love the tone-on-tone of the Blue Capel. Floral but not over the top!

  226. Pippa Hansen

    The Classic Florals are hard to go past, love to make some gorgeous baby clothes and crafts with these!

  227. Sarah Risdale

    It would have to be Glenjade G. It’s just so bright and purple! ??

  228. Pat Andrew

    I fell in love with Liberty in London in the 70s and have loved sewing with it ever since. Betsy S would have to be a favourite but I do love the contemporary prints as well.This is a very generous giveaway and thank you for the chance to win.

  229. Willemijn

    Totally love all the Classics from Liberty but my all time favorite is the Betsy S, adore that one!!
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  230. Debra

    Strawberry Thief is one favorite. Also like the cherry blossoms but don’t know the name.

  231. Hannele Wakkari

    Betsy is my favorite – or any other, at that matter!

  232. Hannele Wakkari

    Any faric would do, but if insist one only, then Eloise:)

  233. Diana

    My favorite print is Land of Dreams (A)!

  234. Linda Price

    I have just started using Libertys and love the feel of the fabric as I am sewing. I love all I have used so far. Would love to try more.

  235. Katy M

    I haven’t found one I don’t like yet but I think Betsy and Queue for the zoo are my favourites ?

  236. Annette hirst

    the colours and patterns offered by strawberry thief is a delight to my senses and none of them disappoint. No true favourite as we never have a favourite child. Thank you Strawberry Thief for bringing such treasures to life

  237. Linda Cejnar

    My favorite Liberty print is The Strawberry Thief, and I love the story behind the creation of the design. This is a great giveaway! Thank you!

  238. Lesley Le Blanc Smith

    I love all the florals but at the moment wildflower is my favorite.

  239. Vicki Hearne

    Wonderful range of designs!
    My two absolute favourites are “Grand Bazaar C” and “Tresco A”.

  240. Elizabeth H

    I can’t help but love so many of them because my Mum used to make me little dresses out of them when I was a baby, so I would have to say that I love the Classic fabrics (especially the Phoebe K – I had the CUTEST smocked dress in that fabric as a tiny bub – or at least a very similar fabric. Ha, you’ve inspired me to go and get out the baby clothes!)

  241. Ellie H

    It’s impossible to pick one favorite!
    I adore them all but particularly love using Capel for lining, collars, headbands, endless possibilities!

  242. Danielle Matthews

    My favourite Liberty print is Tresco! It features a Banksia from Western Australian, and I love all the other colourful wildflowers too.

  243. Louise

    My favourite Liberty print is Elysian. I have loved Liberty print fabrics for a very long time and now they are my daughter’s favourite too . ♥

  244. Michelle Mathwin

    I love the Paisley prints especially Tessa. I made liberty wool Paisley pants in the 1980s using a vintage Paisley. I only had enough fabric to make pants just above my ankle, so my socks or boots were on show. I wore them to liberty of London store and they loved them, I got so many compliments when I wore them. It was a sad day when I realised the box that didn’t make it back to Australia had my Liberty pants.

  245. Amelia

    So hard to choose just one but my current favourite Liberty print is Painter’s Meadow (B) ❤

  246. Linda Reschke

    I love them all, but especially the paisley.

  247. Marie Biswell

    My favourite Liberty product is the Matilda Charm Squares because I love the little squares of sunshine!

  248. Donna

    In love with the garden of dreams flower tops and summer blooms! Then there is capel and django and summer posy! Betsy would be the all time favourite if I had to choose only one!?

  249. Colleen

    I love the florals!! Love the Strawberry Thief too!

  250. Wendy Farmer

    I’ve just discovered Liberty! It’s all beautiful!

  251. Jayne

    Yikes!!! Picking your favorite Liberty fabric…it’s like picking your favorite child, you just can’t! But I’ll give it a try! June’s Meadow E is an eye catching gorgeous piece of fabulousness!

  252. Mary G.

    I love Pops and Boo! I’d never seen it before until I got a peek on your Pinterest boards…love it! There are so many patterns I love, though, it’s hard to chose a favorite.

  253. Tash

    Elodie Bea is my favorite at the moment ?

  254. Anna Moras

    It would have to be the very first Liberty fabric I ever laid my eyes on: the strawberry thief – wow! thank you for this opportunity and your generosity. Anna

  255. Allison

    I love all Liberty – Eloise is my favorite ?

  256. DeborahGun

    Such a generous giveaway. Capel is my favourite print. I love all the colours, but Lilac is appealing today!

  257. Ash Shirley

    I have so many favourites and always discovering more to love. Green is my favourite colour so I love Mitsi

  258. Angel Kutil

    I love so many of these! My favorites are the bright fun colorful ones such as Lucy Lord B and Marble Hearts C! They are soooo beautiful!!!

  259. Lieke

    I love the tresco print. So colorful and pretty..

  260. Lily

    I can’t find the name but I have some beautiful Liberty Lawn with kangaroo paws and other natives in deep blues and greens. So lovely!

  261. Lisa Ann Fulti

    I agree just can not pick one ! Betsy if i must, i am new to sewing this would be my firstyarn stash if i won. Love all your items!

  262. Margaret Swan

    I had to name just one right now it would be Mitsi C (lime), just adds a very special “something” to a mix


    30 years ago my darling mother made me a maternity dress in IANTHE, red and navy.
    I still have the dress and it started my love of Liberty…..
    My mother is now 84 and she loves her Liberty blouses too…

  264. Elise Judd

    Equal fav’s are Xanthe Rose and Alexander Blooms! (That you can’t find anywhere!)

  265. Elise

    Equal favourites are Xanthe Rose and Alexander Blooms ?

  266. .chrystal eckman

    I like them all. The pink is my favorite

  267. Mara

    My favorite is Strawberry Thief of course 😉 and after that the Caesar peacock feather print.

  268. T

    Hera is my all time favorite Liberty fabric for over 30 years! I would be so very happy to win!!!! I sewed & smocked all my girls’ dresses when they were young!

  269. T

    Hera is my all time favorite Liberty fabric!!!! Thank you for this incredible chance!!

  270. Cate

    What a fun idea! I love Betsy, in all colour ways & green is my absolute favourite xx

  271. Kathryn Honey

    When I was a young girl which is some time ago now, my Nan would take me to town and she would purchase Liberty fabrics at a big department store in Melbourne, then off to the dressmaker in Caulfield. She abslutely adored her dresses that were made for her. Liberty has always been a part of my life. I love the Alice range, I also have a daughter called Alice which makes it very special. Betsy is another favourite with so many gorgeous colour ways.

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