Step Right Up!

    Create a Whimsical Carnival-Inspired Kids’ Room with a Liberty Fabric Play Tent

    Welcome to the magical world of the carnival! If your child loves the bright lights, joyous laughter, and thrilling rides, why not bring the enchantment of the carnival into their very own room? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of transforming a kids’ room into a whimsical carnival wonderland, centred around a stunning play tent made from Liberty Fabric. Read on for inspiration on turning you child’s special place in to a carnival inspired room of wonders!

    Set the Stage

    To create a captivating carnival atmosphere, start by setting the stage with vibrant colours and playful decor. Hang colourful bunting or garlands across the room, reminiscent of the festive banners you’d find at a real carnival. Add some circus-themed wall decals or murals to transport your child into a world of magic and excitement.

    Pick your feature fabrics

    A Liberty Fabric play tent is the perfect centrepiece for a carnival-inspired kids’ room, infusing a touch of elegance into the whimsy. Opt for fabrics that feature bright and fun colours or novelty animals – for our mood board, we have used a striking Liberty design called Carnaby Patchwork, with a bohemian paisley fabric featuring a peacock motif. You could also play with striped linen to recreate the feel of a circus tent!

    Some of our favourite Carnival inspired fabrics

    Construct Your Play Tent

    Begin by gathering the necessary materials: Liberty Fabric, wooden dowels, rope or twine, and basic sewing supplies. Measure and cut the fabric according to the desired tent size, leaving room for a door and windows. Sew the fabric panels together, leaving one side open for the entrance. Attach the dowels to form the tent’s structure, securing them at the top with rope or twine. Voila! Your Liberty Fabric play tent is ready to be the centrepiece of your Carnival inspired room!

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    Decorative Delights

    To complete the carnival atmosphere, adorn the room with decorative delights – hang strings of colourful paper lanterns or fairy lights from the ceiling to mimic the cheerful glow of carnival lights. Create a mini Ferris wheel display using straws and patty pans, showcasing tiny stuffed animals or dolls as passengers. Think layers of bunting, pompoms and ruffles – the key is to infuse the room with joy and excitement at every turn!

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    Let the Carnival Begin

    Once your Carnival-inspired kids’ room is all set up, it’s time to let the fun begin! Encourage your child to dress up as a ringmaster, acrobat, or clown and let their imagination take centre stage. They can host their own carnival games, such as ring toss or bean bag toss, right in the comfort of their room. The Liberty Fabric play tent can serve as the magical ticket booth or a cozy retreat for rest and relaxation after a day of carnival adventures.

    Transforming a kids’ room into a whimsical carnival wonderland with a Liberty Fabric play tent is a fantastic way to spark your child’s imagination and create a space filled with joy and wonder – just let the magic unfold and watch as your child’s dreams come to life. So, step right up and create a room that will make your child feel like the star of their very own circus!

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