Sew Darn Inspiring

What inspires you when you start planning a quilt?

Other makers? Traditional quilt blocks? Colours from a favourite artwork? Maybe it’s patterns from nature? Like many others, here at The Strawberry Thief we find that just looking around in our day to day lives can provide us with a myriad of colour palettes and playful patterns to work with!

Take your observations and translate them in to your own fresh ideas… once you begin to question why a certain aesthetic or colour / pattern combination appeals to you then it can not only challenge you to make decisions that you might not have otherwise considered, but it can also help you to develop and understand your own unique style! It’s a good idea to write down or draw your ideas, and keep a visual inspiration board or diary going so that you always have something to look at when in need of some Quilty motivation!

Our Sew – Darn – Inspiring blog posts will hopefully serve to provide you with some regular inspiration too!

Speaking of which- how beautiful are these dresses worn by the women of the Herero tribe in Namibia? We can all learn a lot about bold colour and design decisions from these women! Perfect motivation to get designing first thing on a Monday morning!

Stunning, aren’t they? Now that we have our quilting motivation for the day we just need to get up and get going / sewing! Have a beautiful day!
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All photographs by Jim Naughten –  You can read more about the history of the Herero tribe and how their unique traditional garb came to be in this very interesting article!

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  1. Angela Procter

    Morning walks now that its spring/summer are my inspiration! Drawn to all the amazing flowers outside draws me to floral fabrics – I wish I could buy one of each ?


    Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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