Scrappy Boho Patchwork

    This project is perfect for using up all those gorgeous Liberty scraps you’ve collected!

    You will need…

    + fabric scraps
    + thread
    + sewing machine
    + scissors

    Before you begin…

    Gather your scraps and sort them into colours that feel right together. One of the things we love about Liberty is that all their designs work together!

    Step 1

    Start matching pieces of similar length (a) and stitch them together, ironing as you go.
    note: Matching pieces of equal length or width will ensure minimal fabric waste.

    Step 2

    Add new pieces (b), then combine to build blocks of similar size (c). Repeat until you have enough blocks to create the quilt size you have in mind.

    note: Don’t worry about misaligned seams – this is exactly what you are trying to achieve in scrappy boho patchwork.

    Step 3

    Lay your blocks out and arrange to create a pleasing overall design. Stitch blocks together.
    tip: take a photo to remind yourself of the overall design before you start stitching – that way it won’t matter if they get mixed up.

    To finish

    Quilt and bind your project using your preferred method.


    Have you seen our scrappy boho packs?

    They are perfect for this project!

    Each pack includes approximately 50g (equivalent to 50cm) of lovely Liberty off-cuts.

    Please note that each pack is unique and may contain some seconds. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Your pack will be one of a kind!

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    1. Jennifer

      Is there a rough size for block c. Cheers

      1. Robyn Shaprio

        There is no prescribed size.
        Just do as you please:)

    2. Lorraine Cooke

      What do you put on the back? Do you use all Liberty?

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