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    Buy quilting supplies online

    With an inventory of quilting supplies online in Australia, we have everything you need to create masterpieces. From top-quality textiles to classes and community-building stitch-together opportunities, The Strawberry Thief helps you save time and money while keeping you connected with a dynamic and enthusiastic community comprising the entire range of skill and experience.

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    Shopping online keeps things quick and simple with everything you need in one place. Our searchable store has threads, glues, textiles cut to size, patchwork paper piece templates, pre-cut fabrics for patchwork projects, and more. Buy quilting supplies for multiple projects and benefit from free shipping on orders over $150 within Australia.

    Everything You Need at The Strawberry Thief

    Stocking up on essential quilting supplies such as batting and backing is never a bad idea. Easily cut to fit the size of your project, these two layers serve as both the warmth and weight of your quilt. When creating your ideal quilting area, it should always be stocked with ample thread and adhesive. The Strawberry Thief carries threads in a range of colours, allowing you to accentuate your quilting stitches or let them fade into the background of the textiles.

    Keep your loved ones awe-inspired when you enlist the various aids of The Strawberry Thief. Whether you need quilting supplies, fresh ideas, or advice from our friendly team and fellow quilting enthusiasts, you’re a part of an ever-growing Australian community of creative and passionate crafters.