“English Eccentrics” – a collection of designs inspired by seven eclectic English muses connected by their creative escapism and wanderlust, their unique works and essential style left a distinguished mark on British culture and history.

    King George IV, builder of the Indian inspired seaside retreat Brighton Pavilion, serves as the first muse. Liberty uses the extravagant aesthetics of Brighton Pavilion as a genesis for many designs, taking inspiration from rich embroideries and palampores. Six more muses inspire the collection. An influential botanist who traversed the world, marking down her discoveries in rich oil paintings. An aristocratic poet who’s garden is still considered to be a masterpiece. A 1960’s musician who’s world travels inspired their lyrics and carefree style. A contemporary artist who’s work captures the contrast of a life split between the hills of the English countryside and sun-drenched Los Angeles. An educated model, activist and actress who’s portraits exude an eccentric English beauty. And finally, a English children’s author who’s wondrous and extraordinary worlds continue to enchant the young and the young at heart.

    Each of the seven muses infuses the collection with a creative energy that informs these vibrant and diverse designs. Beautiful hand drawn and painted designs are presented alongside reimagined archive prints from as far back as the 19th century, a combination which instills in the collection the same joyful and adventurous spirit from which it was inspired.