For Autumn Winter 2018, Liberty Fabrics presents “A Palace Garden” – a collection of designs inspired by the colourful history of Eltham Palace, a former royal residence in South East London used by Tudor kings and queens as far back as the 14th century. In 1933 the palace was revived by new owners, the Courtaulds, who transformed the interiors in to a masterpiece that reflected the fashionable Art Deco style that was sweeping Europe.

The palace was now reborn in a mix of bold and geometric motifs and hand painted floral walls. A pet lemur occupied the specifically designed rainforest room on the upper floor of the house, and the rich textiles and decorative treasures throughout told tales of the owners exotic travels. All were housed within traditional tudor beams – reminiscent of the Liberty shop – and surrounded by  quintessential English rose gardens. It is this juxtaposition of opposing styles that inspires this collection. Art Deco and traditional English symbolism have been combined to create an array of printed textiles filled with rhythm, colour and surprise.