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  • SS22 - The Wonderful Fantastical

    SS22 - The Wonderful Fantastical

    For Spring/Summer 2022, Liberty Fabrics takes us on a journey through layers of fantastical worlds – an adventure into the vibrant realm of the imagination, celebrating the magic of the strange and unexpected.
  • AW21 - The New Collectables

    AW21 - The New Collectables

    For Autumn / Winter 2021, The New Collectables celebrates the excellence and eclecticism of modern craft, from the beautiful objects they create. Told through four stories - Bohemian, Stately, Modernist and Folk - the collection reflects the exquisite craftmanship of decorative arts, from brocade and gilt to sculpture, pottery and weaving. The New Collectables is a celebration of the beauty…
  • SS21 - Atlas of Dreams

    SS21 - Atlas of Dreams

    Born from the vision of a Utopian paradise, Liberty Fabrics 'Atlas of Dreams' Spring/Summer 2021 Collection offers a whirlwind trip across dazzlingly diverse landscapes. From dusty desert topographies to lush rainforests, sun-dappled meadows and meandering coastlines, the collection gives dreamers a space to build a new world of their own imagining. The team collaborated with the British Library to create…
  • AW20 - Private View

    AW20 - Private View

    Liberty Fabrics' in-house studio presents the Private View collection for AW 2020, infusing modern flair into the heart of Liberty’s design DNA. Private View is split into four ‘gallery’ stories, reflecting a long-standing commitment to the arts. Each room of this imagined art gallery represents a different facet of the Liberty Fabrics story – from Arts and Crafts heritage motifs to lushly detailed floral…
  • SS20 - From London with Love

    SS20 - From London with Love

    Liberty Fabrics’ From London With Love collection for Spring Summer 2020 is inspired by eight epic love stories that have played out throughout our city across the generations. Muses of the season include creative London couples spanning from royals to artists, students and poets, exploring the way they met, the gifts they gave, the places they studied and the artworks…
  • SS19 English Eccentrics

    SS19 English Eccentrics

    “English Eccentrics” – a collection of designs inspired by seven eclectic English muses connected by their creative escapism and wanderlust, their unique works and essential style left a distinguished mark on British culture and history. King George IV, builder of the Indian inspired seaside retreat Brighton Pavilion, serves as the first muse. Liberty uses the extravagant aesthetics of Brighton Pavilion…
  • AW18 - A Palace Garden

    AW18 - A Palace Garden

    For Autumn Winter 2018, Liberty Fabrics presents "A Palace Garden" - a collection of designs inspired by the colourful history of Eltham Palace, a former royal residence in South East London used by Tudor kings and queens as far back as the 14th century. In 1933 the palace was revived by new owners, the Courtaulds, who transformed the interiors in…
  • SS18 Alpine Symphony

    SS18 Alpine Symphony

    A sublime collection of sweeping mountain vistas and wild flower meadows, Alpine Symphony is a celebration of nature at its purest. Imbued with serenity and fresh, crisp air, explore the elevated landscape as lofty blooms sing their symphony from the pages.
  • SS17 Castaway

    SS17 Castaway

    Inspired by the imaginings and solitary musings from a deserted tropical island, Castaway captures the enchanting world of aquatic. flora and fauna, vast ocean horizons and a menagerie of tropical delights in a charming collection of island prints. Explore the underwater kingdom of marine corals, swimming paisleys and swirling shoals of fish, discover memories captured on the pages of a…