Merchant & Mills – The Shepherd Pattern


    A pleated A-line skirt with slanted pockets, side button fastenings and pleats for fullness. Soft and floaty in linen, or smart and hardy in cotton twill. Can be made lined or unlined.

    All seam allowances are 1.5cm unless stated otherwise and are included in the pattern.

    Skill level; Intermediate.

    Liberty Tana Lawn, Liberty Chambray and The Strawberry Thief linens are perfect for this project.

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    Please note:
    + We tear our Liberty to achieve a line that follows the grain of the fabric - fabric edges may reflect this process.
    + Colour accuracy - When selecting fabrics please be aware that although we have scanned and colour corrected fabric images, every screen shows colours differently. If you are not sure, we recommend purchasing a sample card or minimum cut to ensure the fabric is what you expect. Linen sample cards can be found here. Liberty Solid fabric sample cards can be found here and patterned Liberty Tana Lawn is available in small cuts of 25cm.


    You will need:

    • Matching thread.
    • 8 x 15mm/3/4″ buttons.
    • 0.35M/1/2YD interfacing.

    *Please note for some widths of cloths and sizes you will have the seam your fabric, but this is indicated on the pattern.

    SIZE 18-28 FABRIC REQUIREMENTS (scroll down for size 6-18)

    (Self, unlined and lined version):

    18 // 20 // 22-24 // 26-28
    110cm/43.5″ wide (with nap) 4.1m // 4.1m // 4.1m // 4.1m
    110cm/43.5″ wide (without nap)* 3.9m // 3.9m // 3.9m // 3.9m
    120cm/47″ wide (with nap) 4.1m // 4.1m // 4.1m // 4.1m
    120cm/47″ wide (without nap)* 4.1m // 3.9m/ // 3.9m // 3.9m
    140cm/55″ wide (with nap) 2.3m // 4.1m // 4.1m // 4.1m
    140cm/55″ wide (without nap)* 2.3m // 3.9m // 3.9m // 3.9m
    150cm/60″ wide (withnap) 2.3m // 2.3m // 2.3m // 4.1m
    150cm/60″ wide (without nap)* 2.3m // 2.3m // 2.3m // 3.9m

    Lining (lined version):

    18 // 20 // 22-24 // 26-28
    110-120cm/43.5-47″ wide (with or without nap) 3.8m // 3.8m // 3.8m // 3.8m
    140cm/55″ wide (with or without nap) 2.5m // 3.8m // 3.8m // 3.8m
    150cm/60″ wide (with or without nap) 2.5m // 2.5m // 2.5m // 3.8m

    Lining (unlined version):

    18 // 20 // 22-24 // 26-28
    110-150cm/39-60″ wide (with or without nap) 0.35m // 0.35m // 0.35m // 0.35m
    *waistband parallel to selvedge

    Finished Measurements:

    18 // 20 // 22 // 24 // 26 // 28
    Waist: 98.2cm/38.75″ 104.5cm/41″ 110.7cm/43.5″ 117cm/46″ 123.3cm/48″ 129.5cm/51″
    Length*: 83cm/32.75″ 83cm/32.75″ 83cm/32.75″ 83cm/32.75″ 83cm/32.75″ 83cm/32.75″
    *(CF, including waistband)

    UK Sizing:

    18 // 20 // 22 // 24 // 26 // 28
    Bust: 108.25cm/42.5″ 114.5cm/45″ 120.75cm/47.5″ 127cm/50″ 133.25cm/52.5″ 139.5cm/55″
    Waist: 91.25cm/36″ 97.5cm/38.5″ 103.75cm/41″ 110cm/43.5″ 116.25cm/46″ 122.5cm/48.5″
    Hip: 114.25cm/45″ 120.5cm/47.5″ 126.75cm/50″ 133cm/52.5″ 139.25cm/55″ 145.5cm/57.5″



    Self (unlined & lined version)


    Lining (lined version)


    Lining (unlined version)


    Finished Measurements:


    UK Sizing

    Additional information

    Weight.105 kg
    Dimensions17 × 22 × 1 cm
    Pattern Size

    UK 18-28, UK 6-18