Liberty. The Archivist’s Edit Book


    Introducing The Archivist’s Edit Book – a celebration of Liberty’s legendary print archive, spanning the full story behind its existence.

    ‘Tracing the line of the brand’s ground-breaking design history from 1875 to the present day, the archive lies at the very heart and soul of Liberty. The 50,000-strong collection is protected and maintained by Head Archivist Anna Buruma, who for the last 25 years has been transforming it into a world-class, cutting-edge design resource. Take a trip through the pages of The Archive Book to discover a never-before-seen glimpse of this uniquely precious print institution, as we explore the story behind the designers, printers and art movements that made us.’

    “Helping to create this book with its focus on the Liberty archive has been a joy – it has been so interesting to see and hear what other people have to say about our history.” – Anna Buruma, Head Archivist

    This book is an introduction to The Archivist’s Edit Capsule Collection arriving this year.

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    Please note: We tear our Liberty to achieve a line that follows the grain of the fabric - fabric edges may reflect this process.


    The Archive Book / Story curated by Liberty Archivist Anna Buruma / With written contributions from Mark Butterfield, Stephen Calloway, Mary Schoeser, Laurent Cruveillier, Richard Chamberlain and Geoffrey Rayner / ISBN: 978-1-5272-9970-2 / 244 pages

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