Linen + Liberty Bias Floor Cushion Tutorial

Floor cushions are perfect for playrooms and lounge rooms as extra seating or snuggling in to read a book!

This pattern is quick and easy – you can have a stack whipped up in an afternoon! The envelope design means no zips are needed and the Liberty trim gives an elegant finish!


+ 1m Linen – see our beautiful range of linen here
+ 3m of 25mm book fold Liberty Fabrics bias binding
+ Co-ordinating thread – we used and recommend Aurifil 50wt for this project

Cushion insert – we’ve used a 65cm x 65cm feather cushion insert from Ikea


+ Tape measure, scissors, pins needle
+ Sewing Machine & supplies
+ Iron


Wash, dry and iron your linen before cutting


From the linen, cut:
+ 1 square for the front, 65cm x 65cm
+ 1 rectangle for the back, 65cm x 60cm
+ 1 rectangle for the back, 65cm x 40cm

Keep the bias as one continuous piece


  1. Pin and stitch a 1cm double roll hem on the bottom long edge of the envelope (a) and top edge of the back (b).

2. Layer your pieces together:
  + Front – right side facing up (c)
  + Then the envelope – right side facing down, aligned to the top,
     double roll hem toward base (d)
  + Then the back – right side down, aligned to the base, double roll hem
     toward top (e)

3. Pin (f), then stitch around the edges using a scant 1/4 inch seam (g).

4. Snip the corners, being careful not to cut through your stitching (h).

5. Turn right side out. Use a knitting needle or skewer to square corners.
Then give a good iron, pressing edges out (i)


  1. Place the bias (with open side facing the edge) along one side of the cushion cover. Leave a good 10cm to 15cm of bias loose (you will need this for joining later) and begin stitching one quarter of an inch in from the edge (j). 

2. Continue stitch down toward the corner, stopping and leaving the needle down when you are one quarter inch away from the corner. 

3. Lift the foot of your sewing machine and turn to stitch at a 45 degree angle towards the corner (k).

4. Fold the bias away from the corner to create a 45 degree angle (l), then fold back on itself and pin in place (m)

5. Stitch one quarter inch in from edge, toward next corner (n), repeating steps above for each corner. 

6. Once final corner is complete, stitch 2-3cm  then back stitch to secure (o).

7. Overlap bias and trim so that overlap is 5cm (p)

8. Open loose ends of bias so that they are flat – the bias from the top should sit flat right side facing up and the bias from below should sit flat right side facing down (q).

9. Overlap the pieces as shown (r) then pin and stitch at a 45 degree angle.

10. Trim, flatten and position back along edge of cushion. Then stitch in place so that all bias is now fixed to the edge of your cushion. (s) 

11. Fold bias out, over the edge and toward the back of the cushion (t). 

12. Flip the cushion cover over, pin bias in place and hand stitch with an invisible slip stitch (u).

Fill with the cushion insert to complete your cushion!



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