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    Tips for Using Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric and Where to Buy Liberty of London Online

    Liberty Tana Lawn is an iconic fabric, rich and luxurious. Originally made for the fashion and clothing industry, it was quickly picked up by the quilting community who enjoy the variety of intricate designs and saturation of colour. Its fine cotton weave and high thread count make for a strong durable fabric with a silky smooth finish, perfect for dressmaking and quilting alike.

    Tips and Tricks for Sewing with Liberty of London Fabric

    Liberty Tana Lawn fabric is beautiful and robust, resulting in quilts and garments that are heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation. Taking into account the fine tight weave that makes Liberty fabric so desirable, we need to remember to use tools that compliment this fabric.

    Whether you choose to cut your fabric with a rotary cutter or with scissors, choose a good quality tool, with a sharp blade. When machine stitching a size 70/10 needle will ensure you are piercing the fabric correctly. You can also shorten your stitch slightly for the best results. We recommend you change your needle every 5-6 sewing hours. We also recommend you use 100% cotton thread to achieve the best results. If you find the fabric slightly slippery to work with, use a good quality spray on starch to stabilise the fabric. We suggest using only natural products for batting. Choose either a pure cotton or wool batting depending on your local climate, and the loft you would like for your finished product.

    The soft silky texture of Liberty Tana Lawn will give your quilt a luxurious feel, and the beautiful intricate patterns and rich colours create a unique finish that will be treasured for generations. Liberty Tana Lawn is gorgeous and fantastic to work with; you will fall in love from your very first experience with this excellent fabric.

    Where to Buy Liberty Tana Lawn Fabrics Online

    Liberty of London was founded by Arthur Lazenby in 1873. His love for the exotic drove him to develop Liberty fabrics, inspired by the wonderful textiles he found in Japan.

    Originally woven and printed in England, Liberty fabrics are now produced in Italy, maintaining and improving on an already excellent product. Over the years Liberty fabrics have collaborated with iconic designers to create unique in-house collections. Liberty fabrics now has over 47000 designs in its Classic Collection, and release two Seasonal collections a year.

    However there is no need to go all the way to London to find Liberty of London Fabrics! You can find a wide range of their delicate florals and colourful prints at The Strawberry Thief. We offer over 900 different designs in our Liberty Tana Lawn collection, a lovely choice for quilting, dressmaking, and more. We sell Liberty fabric online as well as our range of colourful linen. Our pre-cut Liberty fabrics and packs are affordable, convenient, and perfect for your quilting projects. We make it our priority to provide our customers with the best possible customer service and shipping is free in Australia on orders over $150. Let The Strawberry Thief be your go-to distributor of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and see how much fun quilting can be.