Liberty + Linen Whole Cloth Quilt Tutorial

    A whole cloth quilt is the perfect quilt for beginners or for whipping up over a rainy weekend! Small and reversible – these make a thoughtful, practical gift for those with new little babes in particular. As a mum to a toddler I have found that cot sized quilts like this are not only very handy to have around for play mats or throws – but they also double as very cute backdrops for photos! A simple quilt pattern like this really is a wonderful way to showcase a gorgeous Liberty print – and there isn’t much better than the combination of a delicious gingham with a playful Liberty design.

    I opted for speediness when making my own version as it was a last minute gift for an expecting mother – so I whipped it up on the machine over a weekend. If you have a little more time up your sleeve you can hand quilt instead, which would give it a really special touch.

    You will need
    1.25m Liberty (WOF is 133cm usable)
    1.5m TST Gingham
    2 x 3m Liberty Bias Binding packs
    1.5m Quiltlite Batting

    General sewing supplies:
    + Sewing machine, 50wt thread, scissors, rotary cutter/mat
    + Basting materials (eg pins, thread or glue)
    + If hand quilting – Chenille needle and 12wt Thread

    Making your Quilt
    1. Prewash your gingham and give it an iron. Square off your Liberty to to your desired size – we did ours at 120 x 130cm but anywhere around 125cm sq will work.

    2. Lay up your gingham, Quiltlite and Liberty and baste using your preferred method (see our tutorial on laying up a quilt here)

    3. Quilt your quilt sandwich! I machine quilted mine – it doesn’t have to be perfect – just follow the the grid lines on the back of the quilt if you would like a guide. Because of the way Quiltlite batting is woven, your quilting lines don’t have to be too close together – you can leave quite large gaps and it will keep its form.

    4. Remove tacking stitches/pins and trim down excess Quiltlite and gingham to size of your Liberty quilt top.

    5. Attach your bias using your preferred method – I machine stitched mine down on the front and then hand stitched it on the back of the quilt using a blind stitch. Find our bias tutorial here.

    Finished – enjoy or gift to somebody lucky!
    xx Jen

    Delicious Combinations

    Here are some beautiful Liberty and Gingham combinations we have put together incase you need some inspiration – they are available to purchase as bundles! If one says out of stock, add your name to the waitlist to be alerted when we have more available! Or why not build your own bundle? Use this as an opportunity to go wild!

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