Introducing our Capel Confetti Quilt!

    We are so excited to introduce our new Capel Confetti Quilt! It’s a lovely large scale hexie design inspired by sugar coated wedding almonds (or confetti) and featuring a rainbow of Liberty Fabrics Capel design.

    The kit includes a pattern and materials used to create the flimsy quilt top! We also have the tools required and co-ordinating quilting thread available. Our first batch sold out quickly but we have just popped some more up for pre-order! Limited amount.

    Once you have purchased the pattern – or kit with pattern – you will gain access to our Capel Confetti Quilt page, where you can grab colouring sheets and find quick access to all the tutorials and supplies required to make this delicious quilt!

    “It was a really quick stitch, tested me with those Y-seams which I was always intimidated about and now I’m not – check out my Y-seam video over at our tutorials page >’ – Robyn

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