Hand Tie Quilting

    Have you ever tried Hand Tie Quilting to finish your project? We love this easy method of hand quilting – it’s great for beginners and a wonderful, relatively quick and foolproof way to finish a project!

    Using simple knots in abundance all over your quilt can give it a scrappy, vintage look that exaggerates the hand made and tactile qualities of your quilt – my sensory seeking son loves the comfort of running his fingers over the fluffy tails of thread. You can go all out and include tassels or pompoms with your knots, or you can keep them as a small embellishment used in combination with other hand quilting styles! Whatever direction you go in, this is a fantastic technique to add to your sewing arsenal.

    Tie quilting is a simple approach as it doesn’t need to involve any extra tools like hoops or rulers, making it portable and fuss free – why not give it a go? xx Jen


    + THREAD 12wt Aurifil Cotton thread, or embroidery floss, wool or similar
    + NEEDLE – I used a #26 Chenille but anything sharp with a large eye will do!
    + YOUR QUILT FLIMSY – should be basted with wadding + backing in your preferred method.
    Note – Some people use needle nose pliers, I personally haven’t needed them when working with Liberty + Quiltlite.


    + Check your wadding/batting for minimum quilting requirements and design your quilting layout accordingly. I have used Quiltlite – which is woven cotton, so I can leave quite large spaces (about a hand-width) un-quilted.
    + Thread your needle, I keep the thread long so that I do not have to constantly rethread.
    + Starting on the front, stitch through all 3 layers and come back up about 1/2″ inch away (Diagram A.). Pull the thread through so you have a tail about 2″ long (Diagram B.)
    + Repeat this stitch – push your needle back through to the back of the quilt a 2nd time, then back up again in the same spot that you came up last time (Diagram C).
    + Cut your thread (you should be working on the front of the quilt again) so both tails are the same length (Diagram D).
    + Double knot your tails together and then trim them to your desired length. (Diagrams E + F).
    + Repeat across the entire quilt until you are happy – then it’s ready for trimming + binding, and to enjoy!


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