Choosing Fabric Colours for a Quilt and Where to Find Liberty Fat Quarter Packs and Bundles



    Choosing colours that work well together in a quilt is an art. Colour and contrast are important elements to be mindful of when designing your quilt. It may have been the colour and contrast in a particular quilt you saw that inspired you to start quilting in the first place. Choosing fabrics yourself can present a fun challenge to even the most experienced quilters. This first step is a constant learning experience, and with every quilt, you will gain more insight into your design preferences. Consulting a colour wheel is a great way to ensure that you’re choosing colours that will complement each other. Here are some alternative ways to select colours.

    Choose contrasting colours

    Contrasting colours create a defined border between them, making the design of your quilt stand out. How your colours contrast is just as important as which colours you choose in the first place. That’s because you can place the fabric pieces in specific arrangements to make them either blend or form a defined border, allowing your quilt’s overall pattern to pop. Contrast and the colour wheel are best friends as well because you can identify colours that will be visually striking next to each other and give your finished quilt the fabulous look you want. When you become familiar with colour and contrast, you’ll be able to create quilts you love every time.

    Other ways to choose quilting fabrics

    Even though picking fabrics is fun, it can still be challenging. The Strawberry Thief has made it easy for you by curating several fat quarter bundles and packs. These packs are carefully chosen to have perfectly balanced arrays of colour and scale of design. Or, forget about colour altogether and jump right in with a scrap quilt using any fabrics and colours you already have. It’s guaranteed to be unique.

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    Where to buy Liberty fabric fat quarters

    Ready to get started on your quilt? You can find fat quarter bundles at The Strawberry Thief. Here, you can discover fat quarter bundles to use in all your quilting projects. If you’re looking for beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics or some great linen, The Strawberry Thief has the fat quarter packs you need. When you order more than $150 in fat quarter bundles or other products at The Strawberry Thief, you’ll enjoy free shipping anywhere in Australia. Contact us with any questions, and have fun designing your next quilt.