Easter Treat Bag

    These super sweet triangle bags are the perfect size for collecting eggs or sharing hot cross buns with friends!

    + 50cm x 50cm square of fabric (we cut ours from a fat quarter and used the scrap for pattern weights!)
    + Sewing machine & supplies
    + Pins, scissors


    1. Cut 50cm square into two equal-sized, right-angled triangles
    2. Fold a double quarter inch hem along the two shorter edges
    3. With right side facing up on both pieces, align triangles as shown and pin in place
    4. Working on one triangle at a time, sew from one outer corner to the point in the centre and then to the other corner of the same triangle, being careful to catch all layers as you go.
    5. Repeat in the opposite direction, for the other triangle
    6. Fold in half with right sides facing out.
    7. Pin then stitch along each side. Turn bag wrong side out and iron seams flat. Then top stitch along the sides to create French seams


    It’s a little extra work, but adding a gusset will square off the base, allowing it to sit nicely for filling and easy access to everything inside.

    • Create a crease line along the bottom edge
    • Turn the bag inside out
    • In the bottom corner, align the side seam with the bottom crease, then mark a line 1.5″ in from the point. Pin and stitch along the line. Repeat for the other corner.
    • Iron along the bottom corners to help the triangles sit flat.

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