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    How to Choose Dressmaking Fabric and Where to Buy Liberty Fabrics Online in Australia

    If you’re just starting out in sewing and dressmaking, you may find all of your options somewhat overwhelming. Here’s a quick-start guide to choosing dressmaking fabric in Australia.

    Types of fabric

    There are many kinds of cloth; some woven and some knitted, and they may be made of plant fibres, animal fibres, or synthetic fibres. The fabrics we recommend working with are:

    • Cotton. Cotton is extremely versatile; it comes in a range of weights and can be used to sew a wide variety of clothing and accessories, from shirts and pants to handbags and scarves. Fabrics such as corduroy and denim are also usually made of cotton.
    • Linen. Linen is a woven fabric that comes in different weights. It’s easy to sew and may be blended with cotton. Because of its airy breathability, linen is a popular choice for clothing.

    Best choices for beginners

    So, what should you start with if you’re just learning? Woven fabrics are the easiest fabrics to use, so cotton and linen are at the top of the list. For dressmaking, solid colours and small prints are easier to work with than large patterns or stripes. Finally, lightweight fabric is more forgiving than something heavy or ridged such as denim or corduroy.

    Where to buy Liberty dressmaking fabrics online in Australia

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