Backing your LLAW Quilt

    Well we are fast approaching the end of our Liberty Love Around the World Sew Along! Have you started thinking about your backing and binding yet?

    If you are doing the original Lap Size quilt (140cm x 180cm) you will need – 3.5m of quiltlite and 3.5m of backing (or 4.5m backing for directional design that you would like to run the length of your quilt)!

    For alternative sizes:

    • Cot size (140cm W x 140cm H) – 2m quiltlite (pieced) + 3.5m backing fabric (directional or non-directional)
    • Single size (140cm W x 232cm H) – 3.5m quiltlite + 3.5m backing fabric (or 5.25m for directional design that you would like to run the length of your quilt)
    • Double size (187cm W x 232cm H) – 4.5m quiltlite + 4.5m backing fabric (or 5.25m for directional design that you would like to run the length of your quilt)
    • Queen size (232cm W x 232cm H) – 5.25m quiltlite + 5.25m backing fabric (directional or non-directional)

    *Note – if you are using a non-directional print and are happy to join your backing fabric both down and across the quilt, you will be bale to use a little less.


    You can view our Tutorial on Laying up and Backing your Quilt, including how to work out quantities require for different sized quilts, on our blog here.

    Need to know how to attach Bias? Visit our tutorial here.


    Robyn is continuing to add extra blocks to make her quilt queen size, it’s going to look so amazing once it’s finished.

    Robyn tends to favour large scale, moody designs for backings – although she has been known to bend and use a pretty floral on occasion! Here are some of the beautiful Liberty designs she is considering using for her SAL quilt backing-


    I am currently working on the last of my side + corner blocks before I finish adding all of the Betsy squares for joining. I put aside some of the Ziggy B when it arrived late last year with the intention of using it as the backing for this quilt – but I am still exploring other options too! Here are my ideas so far –


    Here are some of our recommended notions and tools for hand quilting.


    Of course, the bias binding that we pick for our quilts will depend on the backing fabric we use – so we will have to keep you posted!

    Usually for your Bias you want something that picks up one of the main colours in your quilt but also provides interest or pop against the backing + background fabrics. For example, a geometric bias can be fun against a predominantly floral quilt, or if you have used a geometric design for your backing fabric you may wish to contrast that with a small floral. Capel’s are always a favourite of ours as they read almost like a solid colour!

    Here are some of our favourite Bias Binding designs available at the moment –


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