AW24 The Curated Floral

    For Autumn/Winter 2024, Liberty Fabrics presents The Curated Floral, a celebration of the beauty, diversity, and wonder of nature’s masterpiece – the flower. Celebrated across three distinctive narratives: Floral Focus, Floral Library, and Floral Wonderland, this collection spotlights flowers outside their natural context and as a subject worthy of artistic, scientific, and symbolic study…


    The first curated series in the collection, Floral Focus, creates a space for examining flora in the abstract. Drawing from the structural qualities and microscopic complexities, the Liberty Design Studio explore the beauty of colour, pattern, and textures. Inspired by the countless artists who have attempted to tame their unruly blooms through the genre of still life, this series is a true celebration of organic forms and flourishes.


    Floral Library brings a sense of order to Liberty’s botanical showcase. This curation studies and discovers the subject through the Botanist’s eye, cataloguing and exploring an assortment of species and plant varieties. In part, rediscovered from Liberty’s archive – renowned for its iconic floral designs – Floral Library is a celebration of key florals throughout its history.


    Finally, lose yourself in the collection’s fantastical third story, Floral Wonderland. Brimming with landscapes of unique and otherworldly botanicals, this narrative celebrates a world of never-before-seen species and hybrid varieties. Fictional flowers, created from the Designer’s imagination, create a carnival of nature.

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