All about Aurifil

    We have a huge selection of Aurifil Threads available on our website, perfect for machine or hand stitching! Aurifil 100% Cotton Mako’ thread is made using the best long staple Egyptian cotton making it strong, smooth and relatively fuzz free.⁠

    Do you know what the different weights are for? The higher the weight, the finer the thread – meaning they are all suitable for different purposes.⁠ Find out more below…


    80wt is best suited for hand piecing and hand appliqué, used correctly your stitches will disappear in to your work! It comes on a super cute cherry wood spool – we like to keep our empty spools to wind up + store our embroidery floss and binding offcuts.

    Tip – if you are using 80wt for EPP and you find it is breaking, try reducing the length of your thread. The longer your thread is, the more stitches it is being pulled through, and this rubbing against the paper and fabric repeatedly can cause it to weaken over time.


    50wt is our favourite weight for EPP and hand piecing – this thread is delicate but strong, meaning it can also be used in your sewing machine. 🥰 Definitely the most popular and versatile weight thread that we stock!⁠


    28wt is Robyn’s recommended weight of thread for hand stitching yoyos/suffolk puffs and her Manx quilt – this is because it is a good strong thread that can withstand to a good tug, but it isn’t too thick either!


    12wt is the heaviest weight Aurifil offer making it our preferred thread for hand quilting or embroidery. Pick a variegated thread for some colour change and extra interest in your quilting design.

    We stock a HUGE range of threads in a rainbow of colours on our website, including our curated bundles!
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    Happy stitching!
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